The Progress of WellumPhoenix

We are on a quest to win funding, to start to be able to purchase the dossiers and licenses that are required for WellumPhoenix to provide medicines  to the community. 

The story  what it takes to create a company's with such a strong social purpose, with its customers absolutely at the centre of business and led by people who will do the right thing, should be a good read.

So far, it has been a rollercoaster of emotion, lack of sleep, worrying about the bills and simultaneously energising. It brings a purpose to existence.


 through our network we will secure the very best content from the world of Parkinson's. We will do this by having guest authors, links and sharing as widely as feasible.

We will seek happy stories, sad stories, information, inspiration and above all hope.

We aim to make the content so good that you will share it with everyone you know so that we can build our list of 1 million voices for Parkinson's


My goal is is to have every single useful link in the world of Parkinson's in one place.

To beat this disease we need to work together, WellumPhoenix  will be a platform for sharing everything that can help someone with Parkinson's or someone caring for someone with Parkinson's to live life better.

 why do all of this?

 WellumPhoenix  needs to be able to reach the community in order to achieve its goals